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This is the coffee for the people who love to take care your healthy. We choose to use SUCRALOSE which is the substance that makes sweet taste but doesn't have energy and it doesn't effect your Insulin rate and blood sugar rate.

The product takes care your skin from inside to outside

The supplement for clearing your skin

The protein supplement, presented in powder form. To enhance the muscle building and effect to burning system. Reduce you appetite and balance the defecation system

The product will control your appetite by reduce the absorption of carbohydrate and fat include increase the metabolic rate and burning fat.

Designed to give instant topical relief for all skin types, Q10 Revitalizing Day Cream contains a selection of non-greasy, nourishing oils such as jojoba and apricot kernel, which combined with coenzyme Q10 and Pycnogenol, bring energy and improved circulation to tired skin cells. Q10 Revitalizing Day Cream has been developed to address the problems of dry skin and loss of collagen.

Fast-soluble and easily absorbed magnesium complex. Each tablet provides 200 mg of magnesium.

A concentrated fiber tablet made from sugar beets and lemon peel. Helps compensate for a low fibre diet.

Bio-Carnitine are vegetable capsules with 250 mg of pure L-carnitine - a natural amino acid.

Ginkgo biloba helps maintain a good cognitive function and a good blood circulation. Standardized extract.

High dose calcium plus vitamin D3 and K. Take it as a tasty chewable tablet or easy to swallow tablet.

Concentrated fish oil preparation of highly bio-available free fatty acids. EPA and DHA with folic acid and vitamin B12.

Contains organically bound zinc. Contributes to the maintenance of a normal immune function and also of hair, nails, bones and skin.

Unique combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and Bio-Marin Complex. For your skin, hair and nails. Scientifically tested.

Pharmaceutical products, please contact 026111144 (not available on the website)

Organically bound chromium, with high bio- availablity. Chromium plays a role in macro- nutrient metabolism and for a normal blood sugar.

Contains organic selenium (SelenoPrecise), zinc and vitamins A, B6, C and E. Selenium and zinc contributes to a normal immune system.


Made from the bark of French Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) Provides you with healthy bioflavonoids


Pharmaceutical products, please contact 026111144 (not available on the website)

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(Product variants available)

Active, nature identical Q10. High bioavailability, outstanding safety profile. May help to support the body's energy-yielding metabolism.


Pharmaceutical products, please contact 026111144 (not available on the website)

(Product variants available)

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